Better than everything else!
Paula Troxler
Kleon Medugorac
is an interdisciplinary studio.
We do Graphic Design,
Illustration, Murals,
Animation, Soundtracks,
Stage Design, Teaching
and more.
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"Giorgio" the new EP by strudel is out now. Listen here and check out the video!

2022 – Strudel sat down for one weekend at Flurirocks, Zürich, Switzerland with various musical instruments and a selected international cast of beers. Recorded in a breeze of swiss city night air, gathering a relaxed mysterious ambiance in a mesmerizing slow morphing vortex.

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Jazzfestival Willisau Animated Poster wins Bronze at Swiss Poster Award.

Our Animated Poster for Jazzfestival Willisau was selected for Swiss Poster Award and was awarded with the Bronze Prize for Out of Home Innovations. The Poster was also selected for Taiwan International Graphic Design Award. See the project.